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Crunching Numbers

Remember this post?

I got in 🙂

I’ll be starting Georgia Tech’s OMSA in the fall!

So to prepare, I’ve already scheduled out all the maths courses I’ll be taking over the summer:

MITx Calculus on edX

MIT Linear Algebra on MIT OCW

Duke Statistics with R on Coursera

I couldn’t wait to get started, so I went ahead and jumped straight into the “Getting Started” section for the MIT calculus class.

It’s hard not to get discouraged immediately. I’m used to seeing 100% on the first attempt, so to get 70 out of 100 on my algebra refresher is a bit disappointing.

However, my fiance has been very supportive in reminding me how well I’m doing, and that I just need to keep practicing. I was worried that, at first, I wouldn’t be able to re-learn almost 8 years of maths in just a few months. Hell, trying to refresh just 1 year of calc in 3 months was scaring me! But I have learned this stuff before. And like languages, once you learn it, it’s hard to forget. You just have to lose it, or else you’ll lose it.

I’m glad this course has the calculus diagnostic at the beginning. It’s helping me to see where I still need to fill in the gaps before I jump into re-learning all this material. This means that I can take this next week to refresh my algebra, trigonometry, geometry and so on before I start hard-core on re-learning the derivative next Tuesday.

I’ve already found an intro to algebra course on edx, and I hope to finish it up soon!

Wish me luck. The future is clear to me, now.